Community Dynamics

Version 1.0.

Collectively and individually, we strive for self-determination, self-governance and self-improvement

Self-determination is expressed by defining our own goals, our own identity and our relationship to the world around us, without conforming to other people’s templates and labels.

Self-governance is our ability to make and execute decisions, without recourse to external forces or authorities.

Self-improvement is the ability to critically evaluate our reflections, intentions, actions and their consequences on our own, in order to correct our future behaviour on the basis of our conclusions.

Community vs. association

In all matters, the community acts through its members, cooperating according to mutually accepted rules.

Through self-determination, self-governance and self-improvement, it grows up to best fulfill the goals it has set for itself by following the accepted rules.

In order not to fossilize, the community regularly – at least once a year – critically reviews every decision and action taken, making adjustments where necessary.

To ensure continuity, the community maintains a memory of its decisions and actions in electronic form, under its control.

The association exists to represent the community against the state-capitalist environment.

The association manages the infrastructure of the community to the extent required by external law.

The association has purely operational functions and has no authority other than that granted by the community.

Communication, decision-making and actions

We strive to ensure that every member has equal and fullest possible access to information concerning the entire community.Exceptions are made for information whose dissemination may threaten the safety of the community or individuals.

We keep internal communication channels and electronic repositories under common control, protected from unauthorised access or destruction.

We communicate public information through an open infrastructure, accessible to all.

We strive to make decisions by consensus, which means discussing each proposal calmly and in depth in order to jointly develop a decision that everyone is equally satisfied (or equally dissatisfied) with.

We agree that sometimes it is better not to make a decision than to make a decision that will divide the community.

We commit to jointly develop solutions for everyone, not just for ourselves.

Any member person can propose any action to the community, and the community commits to consider that proposal and respond to it.

Any member person who takes action on behalf of the community that goes beyond the arrangements made, undertakes to notify the community as soon as possible, and is accountable to the community for doing so.


For the purposes of external law, the infrastructure of the community is managed by the Association.

Every member person has equal access to the infrastructure.

The person using the infrastructure undertakes to take proper care of it and for their own safety and that of others.

The allocation of special access to parts of the infrastructure requires a decision by the community.

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