FAQ – Frequently asked questions

on the “Looking Up!” programme.

Below we provide answers to questions asked through various channels. The list will grow longer and the answers will be updated as the programme progresses.

What exactly is the purpose of this platform?

The purpose of the “Looking Up!” platform is to educate, inform and inspire all those who are tackling civilisation collapse from the bottom up, in their communities.

What kind of educational resources do you make available and for what purpose?

We make educational (primarily e-learning), informational and artistic resources available to support the activities of those engaged in practical and theoretical work on slowing down collapse and adapting to its effects.

In what format do you make them available?

By default, we make them available as articles on the https://xwiki.org platform. It is also possible to export parts or all of the data in XAR (archived XML), PDF, ODT, RTF and HTML formats. Appendices can be exported in their native formats.

To facilitate the communication of technical and design information, we will develop a template language to standardise the documentation of solutions and more easily aggregate them into larger systems.

Can people copy content in case the platform fails?

Yes. During the implementation phase, we will introduce automatic storage of a copy of the content in XAR format on a publicly accessible server. You can also use the REST API to access the data directly.

What tools are required to enable collaboration with you?

Automated collaboration requires the use of the REST API provided by the platform. ‘Manual’ collaboration requires only a web browser compliant with the web standard. We also use other communication channels, in particular email and instant messaging (DeltaChat, Matrix, Signal, Telegram).

Who are content curators?

Curators are volunteers responsible for the selection and classification of content appearing on the platform’s input channels. Each piece of information is analysed and categorised according to a number of criteria, translated into Polish if necessary or converted into a suitable format. Only then can it be included in the repository.

How is the platform hosted?

During the prototyping phase, the platform is hosted on a physical server provided by one of the TePeWu Association members. From the implementation phase onwards, the platform will be hosted on a rented server, with encrypted backups in another location.

If you have a question, please ask it in the comments below.

For more information, see the articles on the programme.

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