Which way ahead?

Nieco impresjonistyczna perspektywa krajobrazu w stylu SolarPunk z plątaniną dróg, wiodących w sina dal.

Now that we are building a new community, and when we have less and less space left for doing stupid things, I invite you – Dear Reader – to have a conversation about decent means leading to decent goals, which TePeWu is now setting for itself.
As we free ourselves from the pervasive state-capitalist culture and from the reactivity trap of the traditional anti-system approach, we need a new space of meaning for all our activities. And the rest – solvitur ambulando.

Away from ideologies

The following reflections are my own (based on information and thoughts from others, of course) as a contribution to the polyphony (multiple voices). They don’t represent the official program of our group. I remember when, about 10 years ago, my aunt – a noble and wise woman – said that she declined all ideologies. I … Read more