2051: Solarpunk Odyssey

A rough sketch of a DIY vehicles caravan passing through a crumbling city.

On February 29, 2024, we submitted a project to the Chaos Computer Club competition for a grant for an artistic work depicting a utopian vision of a community in times of chaos.

For obvious reasons, we believe that TePeWu is creating and realizing just such a vision. So we asked ourselves what might be happening to our community in 2051 – and we intend to provide the answer in art form.

Below you’ll read how we answered the CCC questionnaire. If it resonates with you, join us!

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Looking Up! – online platform

The Looking Up! platform, understood as a package (stack) of cooperating applications, essentially has three main tasks:

  1. Storing information in the form of standard units, containing diverse content, linked among themselves by a network of logical relationships.
  2. Introducing new units, containing content delivered through established channels from selected sources. The introduction of content includes its classification, moderation and possible translation or transcription.
  3. Presentation (sharing) of information, using a variety of channels (interfaces), as illustrated in the platform map.

The above tasks will be the subject of prototyping in the first phase of the “Looking Up” programme. The following activities will be gradually introduced from the implementation phase on.

  • Animating and interacting with the media, the online user community and the “on the ground” communities, organizing hackathons, edutons and other inclusive and supportive events.
  • Ensuring accessibility (in the sense of WCAG) of software and information published on the platform.
  • Building a pattern language as a specialized taxonomy, focused on the semi-automatic generation of complex solutions (in the broad sense) of technology, based on information stored on the platform.
  • Experimental implementation of LLM (large-scale language model) as an assistant in search and selection of information for user needs.

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Looking Up


Looking Up” (PwG – from Polish “Patrzymy w Górę”) is an online platform designated to educate, inform and inspire individuals, collectives, and communities about the ongoing collapse of our ecosystem and industrial civilization. It provides easy access to solid scientific knowledge about the reasons for the current state of affairs, given in an accessible format; a constant stream of moderated current information from credible sources; inspiration for community-level action limiting the effects of the progressive dysfunction of technical, economic and social infrastructure.

The PwG programme launches from 1 February 2024, with a project to build a prototype of the platform and selected services to test the operation and provide a basis for the subsequent implementation of a ‘production’ installation. All work results will be made available to the public under an open licence. The work at this stage will be carried out on a volunteer basis and the necessary costs will be crowdfunded (crowdfunding, individual donations). The collective author and coordinator of the project is the community represented by the TePeWu Association.

In line with the dynamics of the TePeWu community, the program’s assumptions and progress will be audited periodically every three months.

We invite interested individuals and collectives to collaborate on the project.

Contact for the PwG programme:

  • email: pwg@tepewu.pl
  • matrix: :min.tepewu.pl

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