Community Dynamics

Version 1.0. Collectively and individually, we strive for self-determination, self-governance and self-improvement Self-determination is expressed by defining our own goals, our own identity and our relationship to the world around us, without conforming to other people’s templates and labels. Self-governance is our ability to make and execute decisions, without recourse to external forces or authorities. … Read more

Community goals and principles

tłum ludzi w odzieży roboczej, prowadzony przez dwóch mężczyzn i kobietę z dzieckiem na ręku, idzie z głębi obrazu w stronę widza.

The following core objectives were adopted at the inaugural community meeting on 30 December, 2023. For ourselves: to cultivate freedom, solidarity, help and care for each other in a space safe from harmful interference. To each person according to their needs, from each according to their abilities. For our surroundings: helping others to face the … Read more

3D printing is back!

With great pleasure we announce that Artel is now ready to 3Dprint all kinds of agitprop items one may need to fight oppression in general, and state or capitalism (why not both?) in particular. If you are reasonably close to Poland (EU & vicinity), we can make it for you and send by post.If you … Read more