Community Better life in the wild We want the space of freedom to be so large that we can get lost in it or meet freely, each person in his or her own way. The only conditions for exercising this freedom are to care together for its expansion and strengthening, to care for each other’s … Read more

Community Dynamics

Version 1.0. Collectively and individually, we strive for self-determination, self-governance and self-improvement Self-determination is expressed by defining our own goals, our own identity and our relationship to the world around us, without conforming to other people’s templates and labels. Self-governance is our ability to make and execute decisions, without recourse to external forces or authorities. … Read more

Community goals and principles

tłum ludzi w odzieży roboczej, prowadzony przez dwóch mężczyzn i kobietę z dzieckiem na ręku, idzie z głębi obrazu w stronę widza.

The following core objectives were adopted at the inaugural community meeting on 30 December, 2023. For ourselves: to cultivate freedom, solidarity, help and care for each other in a space safe from harmful interference. To each person according to their needs, from each according to their abilities. For our surroundings: helping others to face the … Read more

Ten steps towards better world

These guidelines were sent to us, for the road towards a better world, by an unnamed comrade from the front lines of the cognitive war on oppression.

We publish them as inspiration and discussion material as the Artel community grows.

About us

We are building Artel to be able to live and earn a living in a community focused on the common good, equal satisfaction of needs, self-governance and solidarity with other sentient beings.

What is an artel?

In short, it is a type of informal cooperative based on equality of participants and shared ownership. However, the definition and practice of artel has changed over the centuries. Hence, by engaging in this form of collaboration, we aim to enhance our own, thereby aligning with our intended assumptions. Artel is an organic creation that takes different forms depending on who is forming it and why.