“Looking Up!” programme: goals

Steampuk-styled library with a computer in the middle, topped with tall holographic figure.

The primary task of the programme is to educate, inform and inspire individuals (and communities, collectives or institutions) dealing theoretically or practically with the subject of the unfolding collapse of industrial civilisation, and with grassroots, community-based forms of confronting it.

Our area of operation is Poland, but everything we do can be easily cloned in any location.

The tool for this is an online platform that allows us to collect, store and share information in various formats.

Within our declared boundaries, we strive to remain impartial, above all avoiding infights and proselytising. We face challenges that cannot be accurately predicted, so every rationally justified approach (and some irrational ones), carries the potential for success.

Our long-term goal is to make a contribution to preparing the next generation for the world we are leaving them to live in.

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Looking Up


Looking Up” (PwG – from Polish “Patrzymy w Górę”) is an online platform designated to educate, inform and inspire individuals, collectives, and communities about the ongoing collapse of our ecosystem and industrial civilization. It provides easy access to solid scientific knowledge about the reasons for the current state of affairs, given in an accessible format; a constant stream of moderated current information from credible sources; inspiration for community-level action limiting the effects of the progressive dysfunction of technical, economic and social infrastructure.

The PwG programme launches from 1 February 2024, with a project to build a prototype of the platform and selected services to test the operation and provide a basis for the subsequent implementation of a ‘production’ installation. All work results will be made available to the public under an open licence. The work at this stage will be carried out on a volunteer basis and the necessary costs will be crowdfunded (crowdfunding, individual donations). The collective author and coordinator of the project is the community represented by the TePeWu Association.

In line with the dynamics of the TePeWu community, the program’s assumptions and progress will be audited periodically every three months.

We invite interested individuals and collectives to collaborate on the project.

Contact for the PwG programme:

  • email: pwg@tepewu.pl
  • matrix: :min.tepewu.pl

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