Community Dynamics

Version 1.0. Collectively and individually, we strive for self-determination, self-governance and self-improvement Self-determination is expressed by defining our own goals, our own identity and our relationship to the world around us, without conforming to other people’s templates and labels. Self-governance is our ability to make and execute decisions, without recourse to external forces or authorities. … Read more

Community goals and principles

tłum ludzi w odzieży roboczej, prowadzony przez dwóch mężczyzn i kobietę z dzieckiem na ręku, idzie z głębi obrazu w stronę widza.

The following core objectives were adopted at the inaugural community meeting on 30 December, 2023. For ourselves: to cultivate freedom, solidarity, help and care for each other in a space safe from harmful interference. To each person according to their needs, from each according to their abilities. For our surroundings: helping others to face the … Read more