Community goals and principles

tłum ludzi w odzieży roboczej, prowadzony przez dwóch mężczyzn i kobietę z dzieckiem na ręku, idzie z głębi obrazu w stronę widza.

The following core objectives were adopted at the inaugural community meeting on 30 December, 2023. For ourselves: to cultivate freedom, solidarity, help and care for each other in a space safe from harmful interference. To each person according to their needs, from each according to their abilities. For our surroundings: helping others to face the … Read more

2051: Solarpunk Odyssey

A rough sketch of a DIY vehicles caravan passing through a crumbling city.

On February 29, 2024, we submitted a project to the Chaos Computer Club competition for a grant for an artistic work depicting a utopian vision of a community in times of chaos.

For obvious reasons, we believe that TePeWu is creating and realizing just such a vision. So we asked ourselves what might be happening to our community in 2051 – and we intend to provide the answer in art form.

Below you’ll read how we answered the CCC questionnaire. If it resonates with you, join us!

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“Looking Up!” programme: goals

Steampuk-styled library with a computer in the middle, topped with tall holographic figure.

The primary task of the programme is to educate, inform and inspire individuals (and communities, collectives or institutions) dealing theoretically or practically with the subject of the unfolding collapse of industrial civilisation, and with grassroots, community-based forms of confronting it.

Our area of operation is Poland, but everything we do can be easily cloned in any location.

The tool for this is an online platform that allows us to collect, store and share information in various formats.

Within our declared boundaries, we strive to remain impartial, above all avoiding infights and proselytising. We face challenges that cannot be accurately predicted, so every rationally justified approach (and some irrational ones), carries the potential for success.

Our long-term goal is to make a contribution to preparing the next generation for the world we are leaving them to live in.

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

on the “Looking Up!” programme.

Below we provide answers to questions asked through various channels. The list will grow longer and the answers will be updated as the programme progresses.

What exactly is the purpose of this platform?

The purpose of the “Looking Up!” platform is to educate, inform and inspire all those who are tackling civilisation collapse from the bottom up, in their communities.

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Looking Up! – online platform

The Looking Up! platform, understood as a package (stack) of cooperating applications, essentially has three main tasks:

  1. Storing information in the form of standard units, containing diverse content, linked among themselves by a network of logical relationships.
  2. Introducing new units, containing content delivered through established channels from selected sources. The introduction of content includes its classification, moderation and possible translation or transcription.
  3. Presentation (sharing) of information, using a variety of channels (interfaces), as illustrated in the platform map.

The above tasks will be the subject of prototyping in the first phase of the “Looking Up” programme. The following activities will be gradually introduced from the implementation phase on.

  • Animating and interacting with the media, the online user community and the “on the ground” communities, organizing hackathons, edutons and other inclusive and supportive events.
  • Ensuring accessibility (in the sense of WCAG) of software and information published on the platform.
  • Building a pattern language as a specialized taxonomy, focused on the semi-automatic generation of complex solutions (in the broad sense) of technology, based on information stored on the platform.
  • Experimental implementation of LLM (large-scale language model) as an assistant in search and selection of information for user needs.

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The Planetary Revolution

Indeed, capitalism has wrought its own demise and given us the chance to undertake the construction of a new society on the ruins of the old one. It is we who have built the world that the capitalists and their servants have appropriated. It is we who will build the next one – from the remains of the previous one. As we are not afraid of ruins.

Which way ahead?

Nieco impresjonistyczna perspektywa krajobrazu w stylu SolarPunk z plątaniną dróg, wiodących w sina dal.

Now that we are building a new community, and when we have less and less space left for doing stupid things, I invite you – Dear Reader – to have a conversation about decent means leading to decent goals, which TePeWu is now setting for itself.
As we free ourselves from the pervasive state-capitalist culture and from the reactivity trap of the traditional anti-system approach, we need a new space of meaning for all our activities. And the rest – solvitur ambulando.

Away from ideologies

The following reflections are my own (based on information and thoughts from others, of course) as a contribution to the polyphony (multiple voices). They don’t represent the official program of our group. I remember when, about 10 years ago, my aunt – a noble and wise woman – said that she declined all ideologies. I … Read more