2024: Gift economy

Registering the TePeWu Association as an ordinary association means that we cannot carry out business or paid public activities. This will change when we transform TePeWu into a chartered association, which is planned for early 2025.

In 2024, Artel will therefore operate on a gift economy basis.

What does this mean in practice?

Our work – services, publications, products, workshops and other activities – will be available to you free of charge, as we raise funds and in-kind resources.

We will raise these primarily through fundraising, grants, subsidies and donations, strictly adhering to the boundaries set by our social and political worldview.

Example #1

We want to publish a Polish translation of Jem Bendell’s book Breaking Together as an ebook under an open licence.

We need to cover fair pay for the translator, proofreader, editor and graphic designer.

To cover these, we will organise a fundraiser. Any surplus will be used to purchase equipment and cover the Association’s running costs.

An account of the budget will be published and the ebook will be publicly available for download from the network.

Example #2

We want to purchase a professional colour laser printer, for printing posters, banners, stickers or zines.

We can buy a new one, buy a used one and refurbish it, or acquire one on a donation basis.

We will also launch a fundraiser for this purpose. Any surplus will be spent on servicing the machine and on consumables. Prints made on this machine for political and social activities will be free of charge – within the funds raised.

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