PwG_1: Deliverables

The first phase of the Looking Up! is the prototyping of the entire platform. Translated into more practical language, this means that we have to deliver specific elements, tangible and intangible, which are to work together as envisaged in the programme.

The purpose of the prototype is to give us a practical demonstration how the platform works, as well as to give us the experience necessary to get the ‘production’ version up and running.

A properly functioning prototype will also make it easier for us to raise funds for stage two – implementation.

Planned duration of work on the prototype: 6-8 months from the programme launch (1 February 2024)

Prototyping phase deliverables.

Functions and procedures

Data entry methods

  • On-site
  • Email
  • RSS/Atom
  • Fediverse federation

Data processing

  • Information triage
  • Translation / transcription
  • Editing
  • Referencing
  • Classification

Data search

  • Ebook generator
    • Epub
    • PDF
  • Subscription generator
    • Fediverse feed
    • RSS / Atom
    • Email newsletters


  • Wiki pages

Hardware and software components

Server stack

  • Hardware
  • Software


  • Mods & plugins
  • Config files

Other server applications

Client applications

Here is the planned budget for the first phase, including necessary purchases of equipment and services. The FOSS software is, of course, free – as is our work put into the project.

  1. Server SSD disks (2xCrucial P3 Plus 2TB NVMe): 1 120 PLN
  2. HDD for backup copies: Sagate Ironwolf Pro 4TB: 570 PLN
  3. 12-month subscription for machine translation Pro SAAS (API access free): 450 PLN
  4. 12-month subscription proofreading SAAS (1 pro i 1 API access): 2 310 PLN
  5. Mullvad VPN for 6 users, 12-month subscription: 300 PLN
  6. 10% emergency stash: 528 PLN

——————> Total: 5 278 PLN <——————

We will document individual purchases on the programme website. Any remaining surplus will be used to further develop the programme and for infrastructure maintenance costs.

How can you help us?

We are raising funds through Zrzutka.PL (Polish only), and LiberaPay (International).

We are happy to accept in-kind donations (see the equipment specs above) – email us:

If the project appeals to you, please join us for a while, or for longer.

Anyone with basic language and web skills, familiar with the programme, can work with us.

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