About us

We are a grassroots initiative for:

  • technical support for social activities and people at risk or excluded in the face of deepening multicrisis;
  • building infrastructure for local communities and a capitalism-free collaborative space;
  • spreading education and technical culture.

Why and for whom this Artel exists ?

We are building Artel to be able to live and earn a living in a community focused on the common good, equal satisfaction of needs, self-governance and solidarity with other sentient beings.

We are building it for people who are willing to take it upon themselves to shape such a community, to shape themselves in its spirit and to help others in solidarity, around Artel.

Our political and moral thinking tells us what to strive for and what to avoid, and our practical thinking tells us how to realize it in concrete realities.

What does it all mean?

Communal operation means that members of groups and initiatives make decisions collectively, on terms they agree on, guided by the good of the communities around them, rather than the pursuit of personal gain.

A manufacturing facility is a place where people, using tools and technical knowledge, create objects, knowledge or provide services that improve the lives of others.

We apply the principles of social permaculture: caring for people (starting with ourselves), caring for the planet, caring for equitable distribution of the fruits of our labor (not just for us).

We reject exploitation, domination and concentration of power or resources. While we recognize the value of knowledge and experience in specific matters, we also protect the boundaries of individuals and communities from the over-expansion of others.

We consider technology a tool for doing good for individuals, communities and the world at large. Just because we can do something, is not a sufficient reason to do it. Every collective action we take is to serve the common good.

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